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Civilian employment and reserve service – how to report an issue

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The Government’s White Paper outlined Defence’s intent to address the issue of disadvantage in the workplace as a result of reserve service. Legislation currently exists under the Reserve Forces Act 1996 and the Safeguard of Employment Act 1985 which guarantees a reservist’s right to re-employment following mobilisation but also offers protections where a reservist is dismissed because of the duties or liabilities to be mobilised. Proposals in the Defence Reform Bill 2013 (currently being considered by Parliament) would also allow a reservist to raise a claim to an Employment Tribunal if he or she is dismissed solely or mainly because of service within the Reserve Forces at any time in his or her civilian employment. Defence recognises the need to understand more fully this problem, particularly at the point of recruitment, which thus far has been reported anecdotally. This form will therefore allow Defence to understand the scale of the problem and assist reservists, where possible, within the bounds of current legislation.


Once submitted, your form will be forwarded to the MOD for processing. At this stage your complaint will be assessed for follow-up action. In the first instance this will be in line with current legislation. There may be some instances where your employer has acted within current law, although their behaviour has been unsupportive of your reserve service. For this reason your Chain of Command will be involved to engage with them for resolution at the lowest level.



Disclaimer: By submitting your personal details you are agreeing to the MOD using them and contacting both your Chain of Command and employer where necessary. If you would not like your details to be passed to either party, which will mean your issue will not be taken further but registered as evidence, please tick the box on the final page of the survey.