Families In Stress Expression of Interest Form 2017

Before you start to fill in the form

Make sure you’ve read the Families In Stress guidance available on our website. This describes what we will pay for and how we will assess your expression of interest. Please note that there is a two stage application process for the Families In Stress programme; this expression of interest form is the first stage.


Completing the form

Make sure you’ve answered every question and checked your expression of interest form before you send it to us. 

Deadline for expressions of interest        

The deadline for expressions of interest this year is:

  • Noon on 26 June 2017

You can submit your Expression of Interest before this date but our assessment and decision making dates are fixed, so that we can consider applications’ relative merits together, and therefore we will not be able to give you a decision any sooner.

If you send your Expression of Interest to us after the deadline we will not be able to accept it.    


Help with your expression of interest

If you have any questions about the Covenant Fund or completing this expression of interest form, or if you need it in a different format, please contact us by email at COVENANT-GrantTeamMailbox@mod.uk

Our website has further help and advice about the Covenant Fund and help and information about the Armed Forces Covenant.


There are 62 questions in this survey.