Small Grant Application Form 2017 CF17C

Armed Forces Covenant: Local Grants

Grants up to £20,000 for Community Integration and Local Delivery of Services

Help completing our online application form:

Please Note: 

We would strongly advise that you work on the answers to the questions offline and then copy and paste them to the survey once you have written them.

This will prevent the online application process from ‘timing out’ and your work being lost.

A word document version of this form is available on our website (guidance page) to help you complete the online form.

We will not accept this as your application, ALL applications must be made online. 

Before you start to fill in the form:

Make sure you’ve read the small grants guidance available on our website. This describes who can apply to the Covenant Fund small grants, what we will pay for and how we will assess your application.


Completing the form:

Make sure you’ve answered every question and checked your application before you send it to us. 

As we are likely to be heavily over-subscribed with applications, please make sure that you have answered all the questions as fully as possible as we will not be able to come back to you to request further information.

If your application does not contain the information we need we will not be able to consider it and it could be rejected.

Help with your application:

If you have any questions about the Covenant Fund or completing this application form, or if you need it in a different format, please contact us by email at

Our website has further help and advice about the Covenant Fund and help and information about the Armed Forces Covenant.

Applications submitted by 5 October will be decided before the end of November

There are 83 questions in this survey.